Ready Set Go! The New Moon in gemini will light up your life like NEVER BEFORE!

The New Moon in Gemini on June 3rd will open a portal of change you never saw coming, one that is supported with luck in regards to love and finances. Gemini is the sign of options, and you will have many, and the sign of the social butterfly, and after Taurus season, where we spent our time finding what we really value, Gemini is here for us to communicate those things, learn more, teach more and find the right people and ways of making our ideas come to fruition.

The 3rd sign of the zodiac and ruled by Mercury representing how we speak learn and communicate and relate to others, process our thoughts and ruling logic, we now can take what we value in our hearts and start making stuff happen in reality!

This Moon is conjunct a fixed star known for honor and riches, and the North Node is conjunct Juno (our souls purpose and asteroid of parternships) in the sign of Cancer while Venus the planet of love beauty money and relationships forms a beautiful trine to Pluto, the planet of deep transformations, an intimate planet, representing death and rebirth, new cycles and shedding old layers to build fresh from the ashes. This will add intensity and passion to the new moon, giving you a boost to really go after what you want!
Read below to find out how this New Moon will affect your sun sign!

Gemini – This is the start of a brand-new cycle for you, Happy Birthday. Use this new moon to finally release any useless baggage holding you back from being who you really are, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. Speak your truth, communicate clearly, but be real, do not wear a mask that others want to see. For once, be who you really are. This is a chance to start over in life, a new lease, where you can be yourself and feel loved and valued for who you are with the right people, this is the time for you to finally live a life that is unique to you and you alone. That may mean changing your circle or friends, but those who mind do not matter, those who matter do not mind.

Cancer – This is a time of ending and completions for you, where you may receive a lot of psychic downloads and messages from beyond this realm, regarding long standing issues that have been nagging at you for a while. Whatever pops up or comes to a light, remember it is for your highest good, you may have some revelations, strange dreams and a-ha moments, take them and use them going forward on your journey. Every ending brings a new beginning. This is all part of a cycle, go with it.

Leo – This New Moon will show you who your friends are, and the right people to help you make your dreams come true! This also may mean changing your circle of friends, and new people to network, new goals and ideas and ways to make things happen out there in the world, and connecting with others! Things may get busy for you online or in social groups, there will be a lot of options for you, get out there and shine!

Virgo – This New Moon is all about your career sector and public image and how people see you in the world and how do you see yourself? What skills do you really own and master, and where do you need to focus on improving? This is a chance at a new beginning, a possible new job or promotion, but in the sign of learning, this may require more hard work or take some time to develop. Any ideas you may have of self employment and different ways of making money be it a hobby or a business can be started at this time, but know that nothing is set in stone, things can change, there are many ways to get things done, and you may need to experiment for a while before finding a solid method if starting something new. If not, change can be around the corner, just go with the flow of the Universe.

Libra- Time to explore new adventures Libra, new belief systems, travel and new people from far away places, possibly new ways of living that have been a desire for a long time, now you can make them happen! As well, possible going back to school, learning a new trade or skill, becoming more spiritual is definitely an option, and making new friends in far away places that are different from what you are used to!

Scorpio – This Moon is a HUGE time of transformation for you, where it can feel like things are ending or you are saying goodbye to a life that no longer serves you. Deep conversations about intimate issues such as sex, loss, regeneration and other people’s resources may come up, and after these talks real changes may start to manifest. The options are there, you will need to pick a road, if it is not picked for you before you have a chance. Things that may not have been brought up for a while may finally be talked about and settled, and change will be on the way. No one likes change, and these deep talks are difficult for your sign, but you need to communicate your thoughts clearly, or at least get clear on them yourself and start putting them out there to others.

Sagittarius – This New moon is all about serious committed relationships and partnerships for you! Be it love, marriage, business, this is about balancing with others and making sure open communication is there. A need for change and freedom may also be on the table, so do your best to spice things up if in a relationship that is lacking fire, and if single, go out there and do whatever you want that makes you feel carefree! Make sure to have fun, and stay open minded, because you never know who you may meet and never ever judge a book by its cover! Remember, Gemini also rules friends, so do not jump into anything, get to know someone first on a friendship level, that is really the only way to build a solid relationship.

Capricorn – This New Moon is about a new way of living for you, a healthier lifestyle, new ways of being, possible work changes and health routines, so if you have been wanting to start a new healthy habit and kick an old one, now is the time to set those intentions, and start putting them into action! Try a ton of things before you stick to a new routine, make sure you love it and maybe will even make some new friends along the way! You may also find yourself wanting to have a change of scenery, so explore those options too, whatever you are drawn to! With regards to adding things in your life, now is the time to test the waters!

Aquarius – This New Moon will help you come out of your shell and give you the much needed push to express yourself to others, and even to the world, after taking a long time to figure out what it is you really need and want to feel secure, you can start to go after it and seek ways to find it! Also, you may feel so confident, that you attract others to you magnetically, so try not to show off too much, and remember that other people have great ideas as well, as there will be a lot of communicating and sharing and expressing who you are, and what makes you feel amazing!

Pisces – This New Moon will bring change and options in regards to your personal life, and possible home and family life, and talks about living arrangements and what you need to feel secure may start to happen. Have no fear, this does not mean major upheaval and change is on the way, but possible new ways of doing things that work well for you in regards to home life, new routines, and options that you can bring into your private world to help make your life flow easier. This can be as simple as meditations before bed, relaxing mantras, reading new books about home décor if decorating is something you are interested in, it varies for each person, just remember that you do not have to figure it out all in one day!

Aries – This New Moon is all about the little details that you will slowly start to see change around you, from the way you work your morning routine, to the conversations you have with those around you. New things are on the horizon, new interests, new skills, new ways to do things and new daily routines are on the way. It is the small things that make up our daily tasks so make sure you enjoy yourself and the places you go, and get out there and try new things, you are guaranteed to make new friends along the way!

Taurus – This New Moon is all about new ways of making money and finances for you! There could be options in how you want to invest your money, talks about shared resources and new options in regards to what you place value on, be it a new place of living, something you find beautiful, or even an opportunity that will bring you financial gains. Start thinking of what skills you can bring to the table and what you can do with your own two hands to help push this along, and make sure to explore all your options! You can figure out which one you want later on in Cancer season!