Here are the top 10 zodiac couples, 5 best and 5 worst matches, along with 3 honorable mentions, according to their zodiac sun signs!

Lets face it, some signs get along better together than others!
Some have better conversations, some have stronger intimacy, some feel bonded from the moment they meet, and some are like oil and water, and no matter what, will lack something very much needed to make a relationship stick. Be it chemistry, mental stimulation, or similar interests, there are reasons upon reasons relationships work or fail.

In astrology, we all have a sun sign based upon the day we are born.
If we want to go a little bit deeper, we also have a rising sign and moon sign, and planets in signs, based upon the time of our birth. This is what is called a natal chart, and if one knows how to read this, can find a lot of insight into someones nature and character regarding how one copes with not just love, but life as well.

The moon sign however is SO IMPORTANT in regards to love, as the moon in Astrology represents our emotions, the side we do not show to others, how we cope with emotions, pain, stress, and how we express our emotional side. This is different from our sun sign,
The two illuminaries, the sun and the moon both play a HUGE role in love compatibility.
But taking that into account, below are your top BEST and WORST LOVE matches based on your zodiac sun sign, on the surface level.

If you know your and your partners moon signs, you can check these as well!
You can pull up your own natal chart on almost any free astrology website that has a birth chart calculator, which will show you your sun and moon sign, once you enter your date of birth, if you want to know your rising (ascendant sign ) you need your time of birth.

Top 5 BEST LOVE matches that can withstand the test of time

Taurus and Capricorn
This can literally be one of the longest withstanding couples that can handle ANYTHING TOGETHER, but there will be head butting along the way. Both signs know what to do and how to get things done and together working as a team can accomplish anything, but can also have power struggles as both can be stubborn and believe his or her way is the BEST way to get things done. Both communicate clearly and want to see tangible realistic results, and both focus more on reality and day to day life, and are not easily distracted by other things. Together, they take relationships seriously and place value on what is real versus what has yet to be seen, and make a power house team in dealing with reality and can find solutions to life’s problems easily which allow them to travel down the road, knocking down any walls up ahead. Solid as a rock they say, if both are evolved!

Leo and Cancer
Believe it or not, these two signs compliment the other VERY WELL. Leo is ruled by the sun, and Cancer is ruled by the moon, one is usually louder than the other, more dramatic, and this can make a nice compliment and harmonious blend if the Cancer is able to handle the Leos highs and lows. The Cancer can balance the Leo and the Leo can inspire and teach the Cancer how to come out of their shell more, and express who they are without shyness.
They can show each other a ton of support and get things done as a team, using different strengths that each lack. The one thing in common, both signs love to nurture and need it back, so this can be a beautiful relationship if drama and power does not get in the way!

Scorpio and Pisces

Pisces can show Scorpio life is beautiful and magical, and understand and love a Scorpio in the most unselfish way possible. A Scorpio can give the Pisces the strong fixed intense love the Pisces needs, and can understand the Pisces moods swings and both have a strong emotional nature which can bring great intensity and intimacy into the relationship. Both however need to be careful of needing too much, playing the victim card too much, and the Pisces needs to not freak out when the Scorpio needs their space, and both need to remember to not escape, as both signs have a tendency to do so easily. Communicating can be difficult, because both signs feel so much, but if done with love, the bond can be so deep, leading to an understanding only the two of you can share, that goes beyond words.

Aries and Gemini
Strangely enough, most articles say Leo and Gemini are one of the best love matches you can find. I disagree. I find it to be true at the beginning, but the Leo and Gemini usually do not last, for multiple reasons. Aries however, a fire sign, has the passion the Leo has, but the cardinal energy the Leo lacks, as it is a fixed sign, and a Gemini needs MANY things in order to stay not just commited, let alone interested. Routine does not do well with a Gemini, unless the Gemini can set it themselves, and as a social butterfly and multi tasker, an Aries is an amazing compliment to the Geminis thrive for change and excitement and taking on life and experiencing many firsts. The curiosity of the Gemini is coupled with risk taking thrill of the Aries, and together the ideas and things they can make happen, on their terms, by their rules are just limitless. Together they can travel roads never taken, and pave new ones along the way.

Leo and Libra
If BOTH are evolved and are not only about themselves, this can be a great match, both with similar interests, there will always be something fun to do together, and the Libra can help the Leo reach his or her goals through love balance and support, and the Leo can help the Libra remain confident and help bring out their best side. However, make sure both are evolved, as if they are not, the relationship will be shallow, and based on vanity, and what is on the surface. If they two people can get past that, a strong bond based on personal growth can be found that can last a lifetime full of inspiration and new achievements together. Both appreciate beauty, social activities and enjoy the finer things in life, so together not just love, but living the LIFE can be achieved, as long as you remember that luxuries are what they are, only that, and not necessary in life to survive, and are not necessary for relationships to last.

Top 5 WORST LOVE matches:

Aquarius and Capricorn
Both ruled by the planet Saturn of hard work and seriousness, these signs together lack a LOT. The conversations can be great, but both are so smart and see things so differently that so much arguing can happen and he said she said that it can ruin it all. The Capricorn can find the Aquarius as a know it all, and the Aquarius can find the Capricorn bossy, and finding a common ground can be very difficult. This can also put a strain on the chemistry, which does not help anything regarding love.

Sagittarius and Virgo
The Virgo usually has no patience for the carefree Sagittarius ways. The Sagittarius likes to live life to the fullest, while the Virgo would rather plan for a rainy day. The Sag is so freedom loving, and while the Virgo does love time alone, when it comes to activities together, it can be hard to agree on what is not just fun, but productive as well, which will lead to growth, instead of just fun! A Virgo prefers a quiet night at home usually, not that the Sag does not, but the contrast in reservations vs thrills can be too much to take, leading to many roadblocks where fights can occur because it can feel like the two of you are not on the same page.

Taurus and Aries
Both stubborn to the core, both strong willed and strong minded, both know how to get things done, you would think these two first signs of the zodiac would be a match made in heaven right? WRONG. Have you seen these two signs when they get mad and pushed to the point of no return? Trust me, if any two signs can push the other to their limit, it is these two signs. Taurus likes peace and calm, not that Aries does not, but Aries usually likes to do a lot, say a lot, and is easily set off, where a Taurus has more patience than most people in the world. The lack of patience that the Aries has can cause turbulence in the relationship, and when the Taurus loses theirs, can cause fireworks one would have to see to believe, and when head to head, the bull and the ram, it just does not end well…..Taurus likes comfort, Aries thrives on change, if the two can meet in the middle, there is a chance at success!

Leo and Pisces
Tough, both creative and imaginative, both dramatic by nature, both love to love, but Pisces needs more love than most to feel secure, and Leo naturally focuses more on themselves than others, which can lead to unstable emotions and confusion in the Pisces head and heart.
Both dramatic, fights can literally pop out of nowhere, small things can become big deals in seconds, and you may find yourself spending more time on fixing your relationship than living it. This can be a very one sided relationship where the Pisces can feel taken for granted and over compensate to please the Leo, so if you are in one make sure you are being treated with the same amount of effort you are putting in, as receiving equal is only fair. Yes, Leo can make Pisces feel amazing, but how does Pisces feel when the amazing wears off? Is it worth it?

Scorpio and Libra
Harsh, one sign cannot be moved, the other loves movement. The Scorpio is SO different from the Libra, the Libra is a chameleon and can match anyone at anyone’s level, the scorpio can see through anyone and does not enjoy anything that has to do with change. Libra likes to climb, Scorpio likes peace, as they feel so much and need so much time alone, Libra loves to talk and socialise and has a way of trying to get their way, and that can completely backfire with a Scorpio, as if there is one sign that finds change the hardest, it is a Scorpio. The hardest sign to understand, a Scorpio has a take or leave it attitude, where a Libra naturally has a tendency to want to help, and to want to find the beauty, bring out the beauty and find balance in a situation. A Scorpio would rather cut losses and move on, and these can cause major clashes in moving forward. A libra can speak easily about emotions, a Scorpio cannot, and this can create arguments if the Libra starts analyzing too much and thinking the Scorpio is acting differently because of them, when really it is just a Scorpio trait, to be lost in thoughts at times and want to keep them private.

The following zodiac signs below can work well, if both are serious about commitment:

1. Capricorn and Gemini
Only a Capricorn can stimulate and TEACH a Gemini at the same time, and Gemini is the sign of learning, Capricorn the sign of wisdom. There is never a dull moment, never nothing to talk about, and a guarantee the Geminis mind will not wander, which is a trait only a Capricorn can claim.

2 Aquarius and Sagittarius
These two sign are the only sign that really know the true meaning of freedom. If evolved, and mature enough to allow healthy space and lose toxic feelings like jealousy and insecurity, these two signs will keep returning to each other because only they can teach the other the true wisdom and true path of enlightenment and evolvement on this planet, that no other two signs can ever understand, and together fulfill their mission together.

Taurus and Cancer
No signs can naturally nurture and provide security and stability like these two. Both patient, loving and kind, both have the same needs and can give the similar thing to the other easily, as long as clear communication is there between the two. These two signs can show love in the softest most patient pure way, so it can be beautiful together if the Cancer can handle the bluntness of the Taurus, and if the Taurus can understand the sensitive nature of the Cancer.

On a final note, this is based on opinion, observing and experience, as every astrologer has his or her own opinion. However, this is written by a Capricorn Sun, with Mercury in Capricorn conjunct her natal SN 😉 and any relationship is capable of working long term, regardless of the zodiac sign, as long as both partners are willing to work on them in healthy ways!